My Pepeha

A pepeha shares some stuff about yourself, My pepeha I answered a question/word I answered, where my ancestors are from, etc.

LI: To write and say our pepeha

To help us get to know eachother, we have written our pepehas. this allows us to make connections and form friendships with eachother. I found this activity/task good and fun because I could record myself reading my pepeha.This task is sharing something about me in maori and an english version, I wrote my granparents names, where I was raised, when my ancestors arived in, I acknowledge the indigenous people of Panmure/Mt Wellington I acknowledge the important landmarks of Panmure/Mt Wellington.

Kick Start – Pizza Groove

For SLJ I had to go on groove pizza.

First we had to go to the SLJ blogging site and go to the pizza groove then made a beat, and we could choose beats and we could hear them and we had different slots. By clicking the shapes then picking one my favourite one is billie jean.

Then I had to press the dots on the bottom so it could add beats, this activity was fun because we can make our own beat.

Lastly I had to listen to it and I could add more beats like different spots and I could add diferent things like: Afro Latin, Hip Hop, Techno, Rock and Jazz.

I enjoyed this task because it was fun, I need to improve on making the beat a bit better, I did well at still making the beat

Kick Start

Today I has to do a task for the summer learning journey, Where I had to make a superhero that represents where i’m from and added what weapon and powers I use. 

First I had to register the SLJ and then I made a poster about the superhero and had to put adjectives on craiyon.con and it will come up with a superhero you told what your character has and it will show up and you have to make your words specific because it might show something you didn’t want.

Next I had to choose the one I wanted for the character picture, then put it on my poster and I named my hero Cookisland Superhero, This hero is immortal, and his weapon is a sword I put the Cookisland flag because it’s the in the name of my hero.

Lastly I wrote what his powers are and the weapon he uses, his enemy: darkseid I wrote:

Has a white Aura, Has telepathy abilities, Has Time travel like rewind and fast forward abilities, Has Immortality and Poison Generator abilities, Has a cape and  Enemy Is Darkseid Weapon is  swords that use fire to fight, e.g when i slash my sword and when the fire goes around the whole sword it gets stronger.

I enjoyed this task because I could make a superhero, I need to improve on writing more and writing specific, I did well at doing my work.

What is a prototype?

For our task we had to do a DLO of what a prototype is.

First I had to choose between doing my DLO on google slide or google draw, then went on twinkle to see what it meant, A prototype is a test, or original, model of a product or improvements, upgrades or changes can be made.

Next I wrote:

Not using the prototype correctly give misleading and harmful ideas about the product.

A prototype is a first version of one thing. 

A prototype is an early version of a product from which future versions are developed. 

Lastly I wrote this blog, I enjoyed this task because I got to learn about prototype, I need to improve on writing more, I did well at writing still.

Researh Presentation – Reading

For reading we ba research about anything we wanted.

First I had to choose wich topic to do but first I had to do the kwl chart for what I know and what I wonder about it and what I have learnt about then introduced what my topic was of doing a slide of the all blacks

Then I picked all blacks and wrote about about players like Ardie Savea , Damian Mckenzie , Jonah Lomu , Richie Mou’nga , Sam Whitelock.

The All Blacks are one of the most successful team in my opinion, they have won 49 times making them successful, 

New Zealand 145-17 Japan, 1995.

New Zealand 101-3 Italy, 1999.

New Zealand is actually is the most successful team. Players? :  Damian Mckenzie, Richie Mo’unga, Sam Whitelock, Ardie Savea, Jonah Lomu Last played 2015 18 November, Beauden Barrett, Aaron Smith, Scott Barrett, Rieko Ioane, Brodie Retalick,

Lastly I wrote about them and showed my work to my group.

I enjoyed this task because researching is fun, I need to improve on writing more, I did well at everything.

Film Review

I had to do a film review about a movie from the manaiakalani film festival.

First I had to the plot and characters, wich I answered with:

What happens? People being mean to him and then someone puts a nice word on him, Are there any plot twists? A girl puts a note saying love, Did you find the plot interesting?  I find when everyone was being mean and putting words on him, Who are the main characters? The boy getting bullied, Who was your favourite character? Why? The kid getting bullied, because I felt sad for him.

Next I had to put the photo of the picture of the movie, then wrote my opinion :

Did you like the film? I liked the film because it has a good moral What was your favourite part? Why? When the girl gave him a word saying love and him taking all the negative notes off him.

Lastly I did my recommendation :

Would you recommend this film to a friend? What age group would you recommend this film to? What kind of people would enjoy this film?

Why? Yes, it should be to year 2 or 3’s, anyone because we can enjoy watching.

Kinetic Crusader – Writing

For writing we had to write a book, my book name is Kinetic Crusader.

In the world of superheroes, I am the kinetic crusader, a blur of lightning speed, flight, impenetrable durability, and a bloodline that sets me apart. Alongside my loyal partner Tongan Adam.

we face the relentless onslaught of villains. Apex, the master of illusions and teleportation, threatens our world. Ice Cold’s chilling abilities, including time-freezing, pose a formidable challenge. It’s a race against time, and I must harness my powers to protect humanity from these chilling foes.

Ask For Help – PB4L

For PB4L we had to do this task called ask for help.

First I had to go on to jamboard I had to do What is something new you have tried recently? How did it make you feel?

Then I had to do task ask for help, we could pick a google drawing landscape or portrait to write a DLO,

Next I was doing ask for help answers like :

  • Everyone needs help sometimes so it’s ok for you to ask for help.
  • Always say “please can u help” and don’t be “help me hurry up”
  • I’m working hard, but I’m still not understanding this  Can you help me?
  • Can you give me advice about my work im not sure i can complete this task

Lastly I did this blog post.

enjoyed doing my blog. I need to improve on asking for help myself. I did well at my DLO.

Film Festival

On wednesday LS1 went the film festival.

First group b and a went to their classes room 1 was group a and group b went to room 3. we had buddys and had to hold their hand because we went to sylvia park.

Next we had to drop them off to their seats with their teacher, this was confusing cause our teachers told us to go to those seats, then we sat down and waited for the films to start.

Lastly we watched the movie from panmure bridge school was LS2 school lunches was the title and it was when a boy asking someone to 1v1 in basket ball and then him beating the boy, and he got mad cause he lost and he ate school lunch and wanted to 1v1 again and won.

I enjoyed going there because we could watch the movies other school made, I did well at paying attention at watching the movies, I need to improve on nothing.

Figure It Out

This week we leared about Gala, a gala is when you make stuff and people buy it and you raise money in tokens.

We worked in partner’s but each slide we had to witch partner but finished it together one of our task was mostly adition problems it was quite easy to do we all had to do this for maths. the first questions needs a partner and each word problem is a new partner.

First we had to pick the best day to have the gala at Te Rata school where they are goin to money from the kids that bought tokens, and we picked the day on a saturday the 22 of november, In the question there is days where teachers are gone and students are gone. For this question I thought best answer would be 22/2023/11.

Next we had to do a hold a vote graph, for what people would vote for new stuff/equipment like: Books for library, new kapa haka uniform, compute equipment, sports equipment, trip to wellington. most of Te Rata school chose library books, and we also did it with our class and most people trip to wellington.

Lastly I did that task called is there room, in this question it asked is there enough space for the gala to be set on the field it was because its big. I had to write how much meters the field was for the whole school.

I enjoyed this task because it was challenging to solve a bit.

I need to improve on not using different methods to solve equations.

I was good at writing the answers.